Why is Spoiled Gruel so heavy?


So, I’ve been cleaning up around m bases and notice something. Whenever I was removing Spoiled Gruel, I’d frequently be overencumbered. So I popped one of each in my inventory and took a look.

Regular old Gruel has a weight of 1.00
Spoiled Gruel has a weight of 2.50

Not much in small doses, but when dealing with a full stack (100), it make spoiled gruel 250 a stack! That’s…way way too much.

What does spoilage do that garners a 150% weight increase?


:smiley: :smiley: Because of the bacteria overgrown population in there. :smiley: :smiley:
Most likely they simply forgot to adjust it’s weight when they did with the gruel.


is this still in the game?
the wiki page here says it is not, but in my game, one of my gruels became spoiled :slight_smile:

i tried giving it to a thrall, (but their survival timer for food did not change at all)
and also put it in the food pot (or a wheel) but it wasnt taken or accepted.

it might have been from a normal gruel, or a flavored gruel.

i do have an option to use it, but dont want to risk it, just wondering? :slight_smile:


just linking @TheLOLxd2 fyi


I drop it ,cause I never found a use for it.


oh ok, ill hang on to it until it expires (or until i need to make room for something else) just in case lol but i have a small stack of about 30 enhanched gruels so i will probably run into it again unless i feed some more people on the wheel :slight_smile:

(usually i like feeding thralls on the wheel with whatever is almost about to expire, like a Bug Kebab, or a Soup, unless i need some more compost in which case something can expire a bit)


Don’t worry. Not sure when it was added, but not all pages have their Not Implemented removed after an update (some of the pet pages still have it).

If it was added with this update, further information may still need to be added. I’ll ask Testerle if they’ve anything to generate to the page.


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