Why is Honeyed Wine so damned heavy!?



I have noticed as of late that a full stack of Honeyed Wine is somehow twice as heavy as a full stack of Iron Bars, how in the name of Crom do 20 alcoholic drinks weigh more than 100 bars of solid iron? Are they stored in lead goblets or something?
100 Iron Bars = 25.00
20 Honeyed Wine = 50.00
How does the part in bold make any sense?

I have also noticed the Honeyed Wine has no decay timer, yet the much lighter Mulled Brew (full stack weighing 2.00) has a decay timer, this makes no sense.


Almost all alcoholic beverages have no decay timer, the Mulled Brew is the only exception that I know of at the moment.


It’s very odd indeed. I’d love to be able to point to some formula or logic or consistency in this, but I haven’t been able to find it. In general the only rule seems to be “don’t look for logic in the encumberance system”.


Many goods have absurd weight, mods are a must in order to make it decent.

Yet I don’t understand why it isn’t very easily balanced by the developers (serious question, I don’t mean to be malicious)


The weights of just about everything are derpy and make no sense. If you don’t want people to use items there needs to be a different approach. Making everything too heavy or heavier than a pile of 100 stone is dumb.

  • Messing with an actual weight takes away the immersion here. Making fire arrows weight heavier than 100 stone would not happen in Conan’s world and just makes me not use them.

  • Maybe cooldowns, stack amount, changing spoil rates, or even making them harder to craft through expense or time comsuming.

  • Also can rotten meat have a faster spoil rate. I’m tired of dropping it all the time. If you put it in the compost it should in turn last longer. The stack should go back up as well at least to 50-75, come on.

Can I get a key ring for my keys for “F” sake.

It would be nice if you could make end game siege weapons (example: expensive to craft siege hammer slow and stamina drainer) or something more than just a trebuchet or bombs to attack folks buildings.


I would be willing to bet that alcohols are heavy encumbrance-wise as an artifact coming from heavy healing potions.

Aloe potions and Ambrosia are both heavy. I believe these are made heavy only to limit the number that you can carry on your person at any given time. This is likely for balancing - it would seem silly if you had heals that would stack to 1000 and not cost you any weight to carry.

Alcohol drinks are likely carbon copies of these potions, and are thus weighted similarly. I don’t see a similar need to weight/cost limit the alcohols. Though - some of them like the Honeyed Wine do also have healing properties.


This is the main factor in determining “good” food. Aloe soup isn’t remotely close to the highest heal food in the game. Its just the highest with a 5 LB weight stack. Feast of Derketo (and all feast of a religion I presume) out heal Aloe soup by double but it also out encumbers it 25X with a stack weight of 125 lbs. As such making it useless in a game where weight controls so much content.

They are fine for keeping in a Preservation box, so when you respec attributes and lose half your health you can click the stack in the box and get it all back pretty much instantly but as a carry food, pointless.


Just FYI, mulled brew (while made from mead) is non-alcoholic. Basically, you have two types of beverages:

  1. Non-alcoholic which quench thirst and apply temperature effects (cooling down, warming up). Those are lightweight and are intended to be carried around in large amounts; they have decay timers.

  2. Alcoholic, which can increase stats, and in effect act like potions. Those are heavy (like potions) to limit the number of them the player can carry around at one time; they do not have decay timers.

And yeah, the event potions are special in that they apply effects, but they are lightweight and have (long) decay timers. I guess they felt that was balanced out by the fact that the effects are random.


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