Can you be banned for something very offensive....? server 1312 Server 1312 E4

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No you cannot be banned from the official servers. they do not care about that. We send videos with players intentional using exploits to wipe a server and they did nothing we give them prof with videos steam accounts photos etc… We even send mail to all funcom team G portal and nothing. After you buy the game you are on your on mate :slight_smile:


This is just gross.

Whats so offensive about that? They build a nice base in shap of an swastika. Its a hindu symbl of luck. :innocent::grin:

For real, in general I would prefer Funcom to take more action about their official servers. They just can perform it. But they should atleast try to show action if obviously common rules were broken to show publicity that they care and act if it comes to their attention.


wow… that is extremely offensive… I hope Funcom cares enough to help you there, right now struggling to get response to my own issue involving cheaters on official servers.

Swastika were around and utilized thousands of years before Hitler.


You do realize that those who are building that base are probably just clueless teens doing it in an attempt to get attention correct? And they will be happy with any kind of attention, including a ban. It will feed their little egos, making them feel powerful because they managed to bother someone.

The best response you can give is to completely ignore them. Don’t give them a moment’s attention or thought. Even if they raid you spouting horrible retoric in chat, laugh off their immaturity and ignore them. It will drive them crazy.


^ this. That only exists because it bothers you delicate people. It’s distasteful, but does it really affect you? Tell them they made a nice pinwheel and move on.

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Yep, this is the correct mindset to have. Furthermore, the swastika has been around much longer than Hitler. Maybe these guys are “taking it back” like ‘porch monkey’ in Clerks 2. Then again, maybe not.

Either way, at worst it is just an attempt to rile people up. Don’t be riled. Or do be riled, and blow their sh*t down. Not sure if it’s PVP or PVE(-C) but if it is PVP, give em what for!


Ha, its cute. Looks like only held up by 4 foundations…bomb it. (If its pvp, if its pve, troll him and build a bigger one)

Ask them what their symbol represents.

I find it’s better to avoiding assuming ill-intent in people, it doesn’t lead to positive conversations if you go into something with preconceived ideas and prejudices regarding a person’s thoughts and motives. If you ask them a polite and sincere question, you might be graced by an interesting conversation or at least be a good influence on some teenage foolishness.

As others have said, this is an ancient spiritual symbol. There’s even a yoga asana (pose) where the legs are crossed in its likeness.

Besides, offence is not a good reason to ban or censor something. Offence is hugely subjective, anyone can claim to be offended about anything. To make a case for banning or censorship you’d need to demonstrate genuine harm, not just hurt feelings. I don’t find that symbol offensive in any way, to the contrary. In fact I find it offensive that you’d wish to ban it! … see where this goes?

No political movement can dictate what that symbol means to me.


I agree with your right to not be offended, but it is not only a political movement, but historically a symbol of the genocide that was happening to the Jewish community some 70 years ago, as well as in america tied to racism thru the KKK, and in general groups that have racially charged opinions tend to adopt it. So, although not Jewish myself, i can understand the trigger of negative emotion it would bring, and thus find it offensive that it would be used out of ignorance. But i also agree it is not ban worthy. It is just ignorance and immaturity on full display, and the best solution is not to even engage about it with them. Would throw their troll human a curve if ignored.

This is funcom’s stance regarding official servers:

They are being obnoxious to get a response from other players … your choice how you react … Server 1312 is a PvP server … so blow it out of the sky … make the players a “kill on sight” target … spoil their fun by making sure they can’t do what they want to do - block access to their bases - kill their pets - kill their thralls - stalk them when online to ensure they can’t gather, that they can’t get back to their bases unharassed, ensure they can’t raid other people without harassment - kite world bosses onto them OR completely ignore them ie don’t touch their buildings; don’t engage them in pvp one-on-one … and if they try more direct attention-seeking behaviour (eg typed, voice, further obnoxious signs) then ignore … don’t even stop to tell them how pathetic they are…


Fair enough, I well understand how sensitive an issue this can be for some people.Though as you say, it’s not grounds for banning. I’d also argue that historical usage of a symbol is also not sound ground for banning or censorship.

Many, many things in this world offend me, some extremely so. However, I don’t have the right to dictate to others what they can think or say, purely on the basis of my political convictions. That’s tyranny.

I would even strongly defend people’s right to question the holocaust or anthopogenic climate change for example, no matter how serious the issue or whether I agree or not. I want people’s opinions freely expressed and out in the open, where we can all see them and deal with them accordingly. The best way to actually change someone’s mind is to treat them with basic respect and engage them in genuine argument.

This is actually a really good example of the importance of free speech and the human capacity to rise above injustice so as not to perpetuate it. No dogma or historical incident should be beyond discussion and debate. Interestingly, it’s illegal to ‘deny’ some genocides in some countries, and illegal to ‘affirm’ other genocides in other countries.

Defamation is an interesting documentary by a Jewish Israeli Yoav Shamir that deals with the topic. It’s award winning. Don’t worry, it’s more palatable for the easily offended than say David Cole’s documentary.

For some reason the link is not working for me, but from I’ve read, someone built a swastika from building materials?

If that’s true, I see no reason for a ban. It’s not like someone is saying racial slurs.

I’m sorry, but a player should not have any say so whatsoever in what ever shape a players makes his buildings. Especially if the person that built it is not bothering you in any way.

Don’t like his building? Don’t go over there.

I really and honestly and truly despise, loathe, and hate people that try to control what other people do when they are not harmed or effected by what they are doing.

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Yes, that’s exactly what someone did. The base was up on a 2x2 tower and formed in the shape of a swastika big enough to be seen quite some distance away. I disagree with your assertion though. In this context it is exactly like saying racial slurs and it’s pretty clear that that was the intention. Don’t try to kid yourselves with it’s historical meaning. There’s no mistaking what it was meant to represent here.

Now, does that mean the person(s) who built it is a neo-■■■■ or KKK member? Probably not. Most likely it’s just some troll begging for attention. The real question is do we ban people for racial slurs. If so, then this person or people must also be banned. If not, then so be it. Either way I think just about everyone can agree that the building is in poor taste and not something that makes people want to associate themselves with whoever built it.

My server got ruined by hacker trolls all over a drama (by clan Empire). This structure is nothing compared to the way my server feels, one of them with an associate of his logged almost all the time, many targeted players were gone, feels like a ruined city after post war for me, like those black and white war movies. Some of the players there seems to be on their side and attacked the targeted player’s structures. Most of the wars may have in reality being just reenactments and were done in a time when the buildings in cities were under a massive demolition to replace them, but what Im going thru its real, and its so depressing. But this structure may be kind of an indicative of the type of person that is capable of such anguish, or maybe the kind of person that ends up cooperating with a psychopath that seeks to destroy a server by cheating and using his very organised crew, when he threats them.

People can get banned from official servers yes, it has happened in the past.

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Never happen never will. Like i say we provide real prov that players flood the server and use exploits, funcom did nothing. Stop with this lies man.

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They banned people that walled off the starting desert, so that new players could not play the game, actually.