Can You Improve Thrall Accent Voice Acting?

Can You Improve Thrall Accent / Voice Acting ?

I don’t mean add more dialog. I think the amount is fine.

My request is for a rerecord of the voice acting so that every race has its own accent.

As it is right now, my female exile shemite thrall, when following me, will sometimes voice things in a clearly African American accent, sometimes a Caucasian, and perhaps sometimes an Asian or other. This makes no sense.

The lack of voice consistency and symmetrical accents is at odds with the intricate backstory of the 14 or so races at the character creation. And at odds with the source material as well.

ReRecording Thrall voice acting and giving each race a distinct and realistic accent would add a nice layer of realism and depth to the game as well as increase immersion into hyboria / the Conan universe.

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