Conan exiles, voice lines

I’m curious if anyone has an actual list of voice lines that the thralls will speak occasionally.

I read that most of them are controlled by what faction they are in.

I have read that apparently some update reduced there communication.

I’m not entirely in favor of reduction of anything cognitive. I did not mind when they spoke it gave me various bits of information from location and programmed history.

I’m trying to find certain ones for specific reasons.

Right now current project is to find one that is based around mitra.

They have some for y’og they have some from for this and that and the other. But I have not found one specifically either for Crom or mitra.

Any precise factual information is appreciated.

Thank you

Really? Crom’s poxy balls is one of the most well-known lines in the game.


“Conan exiles, where voice acting goes to die”.

The way I’d do it is from the devkit… but that’s probably not what you’re looking for. The sound files for the npcs are all there but it would be a lot of sorting and data crunching. Depends on how bad you want the info but I’ve never seen it tabulated outside the devkit personally.

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