OK this might sound trivial so I apologize in advance: thrall voices

I noticed that ALL the Spitah thralls use the same audio files, from Dogs of the Desert (DoD). I’ve really gotten used to ‘Steel and Sparks!’, ‘Tell me your name so I can carve it on your pyre’, and ‘We don’t want any trouble, I don’t want to hurt you’. I AM especially tired of ‘Are your claws sharp, pup?’ and ‘You will never return to your den’. I really do NOT like DoD thrall voices to the extent that I replaced all my DoD thralls in Exiled Lands because of their audio files.

I know this is a vanity thing, but shows Spitah is a less than polished product, which we all know from it being tagged Early Access.

Also, is this fixable through a mod? A third party fix might be a quicker route, so I thought I would ask.

Thank you for time and consideration.


Maybe fixable through a mod. But you’d have to get multiple volunteers to do quality sound recordings of the additional lines you’d want to add or replace (no background noises). And you’d have to screen those voices so you aren’t getting ‘squeaky 12 year olds’ trying to sound like middle-aged exiles. And you’d have to do that for both male and female voices. Its possible, but it would take alot of cooperation from several people.

I’m pretty sure he was asking if a mod could grant the existing proper voice sets from the original game to the appropriate thralls, not if it was possible to make and add community voice sets. :slight_smile:

Likely yes, but unfortunately the only way to be sure is for someone to crack open the CE Dev Kit and find out; the variables that are actually exposed and accessible for modders to interact with can be quite arbitrary.

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I really hope this gets addressed in the next patch. Its really immersion breaking to hear a nordheimer calling me a pup.


This has already been reported. @Ignasi said the team is looking into it.

I hope The Judge loses the ability to speak altogether!


I think CharEditLite can be used to change your thrall’s voice. Maintaining that mod recently changes hands, and I haven’t tested the Recompiled version, but it’s worth a try.

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