How change Thrall screaming sound?

  • Was fighting werewolves, They kept knocking down my thrall companion. Who constantly screamed each time, Screamed endlessly through the dungeon.
  • Is there some way to edit thrall sounds, Hell, having my buddy cuss out the werewovles would be more amusing, than that constant wail, just a simple quiet grunt, or oof would be less freaking annoying then ahhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhh?
  • Is there a mod? or an easy way to edit the sound?

Fashionist You can set the thrall voice to silent.

Or if you don’t want all the extra things like manikins and seeing your weapon on the character and making the helmet invisible, or having the look of one armour while wearing another.

You could choose CharEditLite - Recompiled Which is just the Character / thrall editor that is included in Fashionist. without all the other cool stuff.

I would and do go with Fashionist myself.


thnx, will look into Fashionist.

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thanks didnt know fashionist could do that. now i dont have to listen to a banshee screech into my ears all day long with this terrible voice acting (or just battle shout voice acting i should add, the actual spoken text is great from non fighter npcs)

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Get a thrall companion with some huevos.

All the Thralls have annoying screams when they get knocked around.

  • If I could figure out how to edit it, I’m going to put in some colorful insults, Would be nice if it was enemy specific. Mangey Furball, for those Werewolves who are knock happy. Slimy Fish Face for those Dagon Cultists.
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