Can you please make it possible to mute the music?

Any game mode
Performance issue
Any Server
Any Region

I really like the soundtrack but it is mind-numbingly redundant to listen to over and over. On a game like this I love being able to mute the music and listen to my own mixture of ambient and classical music. This is the only game I have come across where you cannot mute the music, it stays just above zero.

I know it is well past release and It’s a long shot to expect anything to be done about this but I thought I’d post on the steam general discussion forum to see if another player could help. Someone gave me some tips and recommended I post here. Figured I’d give it a try.

Would be amazing if you guys could make it possible to mute the music.

Even lowering the music volume to 0 in Audio settings the music persists still?

Hello @Slippery, welcome to the forums!

You should be able to have the music muted by dragging its slider to 0 or typing 0 in its value field, is this not working for you?

We’re aware of an issue where the slider is somehow reset to 1, that’s being looked into by the developers.

On my headset I can still hear the music even if the slider is down to 0. The music will ingame be overtuned by ambience sound but in the mainmenu the music still plays in the background… quiet but it plays.


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