Bug - Can't turn music off

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Type of issue: [Bug]
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Region: [US]

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The ability to turn the music fully off in game seems to no longer work as it is constantly resetting itself to level 1 volume which is still very noticeable and intrusive.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Hear music pop up despite turning it down
  2. Go to audio settings
  3. Turn down volume to 0
  4. Volume doesn’t stay at 0, resets it self immediately to 1

Adding this video, you may have to turn it up to hear it properly, as in a headset the sound is louder then it records it seems.

I know in the past I was able to turn this off fully. For me I personally deal with migraines, and having the music subtlety(and not so subtlety when it hits it’s highest points volume wise) becomes very intrusive and in fact intensifies my migraines.

I usually have very specific music on that my head can “handle” when I have migraines to try and avoid them getting worse, forcibly mixed in music and tones on top of that does the exact opposite.

Thank you for your time in looking into this bug,


Hey there Erithan! I’m very sorry for the trouble regarding the music.
I just checked on my singleplayer game and noticed the same thing. I put it to 0 but when I exit settings and come back to it, it’s at 1. Personally I don’t hear the music but my hearing can be super bad. :b
If you say you hear it though then that’s a bug! I’ll notify the devs right away. Thanks for taking the time to inform us!


Appreciate the swift reply!, for me I get very sound sensitive with migraines(have sensitive ears normally, but they increase it by 10 [email protected]@), it tends to be pretty subtle until it hits the peak overtures that are louder normally, can most clearly hear that point in the highlands.

Thank you again for the reply!

Yes, that’s a fact, music can just be turned down, but not turned off.
This may end with different result depending config and systems, and if a headphone is plugged or not. So yes, may be not so great depending people who love listen to other music, or simply to some silence. :wink:

I tried also to test some sound-modules in game, here to, not be able to fully turn off the music is bit disturbing.

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Going to grab a little video of the issue when I can if it’s helpful, in the last few days the music has actually grown louder for me. Unsure if the patch effected it, seems more notable in high spots, cliffs etc.

Didn’t see any difference since patch, it’s not louder or whatever yet.
But had this by driver-update in the past, i remember. Sound can be very strange.

But hope it wil be fixed in future so we can turn music, or whatever sound completely off if we wish so.

Turned mine off in early access, and never heard a peep since.

Checked it, still zero.

Yar, it may be in part windows 10 messing with my volumes, the music still can’t be turned off anymore though sadly of course ;-; Thanks for the support too by the way.=)

It’s not a windows thing, ever on windows 8.1, same problem.

Has been reported by many, it’s a fix for a futur patch. :wink:

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