Cancel - Abort Quests!

We need the option to cancel a running Quest!
Each other game has it…

There are some annoying Quests in this game like “Into the dusty dark”.
If you try the Scarab archievement and you make an error in Layer 2.
You must do all the annoying stuff like puzzle and jumping puzzle labyrinth and so on…

If you contact a GM to reset the Quest you get only the Answer: We cannot do that… WTF!

Insert the abbility to cancel-abort a quest! in this case the normal cooldown should be triggered and thats it… what is the problem.
I am a software developer by myself so what is the Problem to insert one button into the Quest journal, remove the Database entry with the mission state and trigger the cooldown from the quest???

Best regards!

The Pause button in the mission journal will abandon missions, though I don’t think that it always takes you back to the start of the mission, so it wouldn’t help with stuff like cheevos (though it sometimes does).

No mission is only paused. If you were on tier 3 on pausing after you reactivate the mission it will have tier 3 again. we need the ability to completely reset the mission to start.

I dunno, if the only purpose of being able to cancel a mission is to make hard achievements easier, then I can’t see them going for it tbh.

And yes, Tomb RAIDing and Flawless Archaeology are huge pains in the butt, but that’s kinda meant to be the point of some achievements - they aren’t just a cakewalk :confused:

And every other game only gives XP at completion instead of chunks of XP during the course of the mission. A “cancel” mechanism could be exploited by starting a lengthy mission which has some quick first stages, doing those, getting some quick XPs from those, then canceling it.
Wait for the cooldown, repeat. Cherrypicking the best missions for this would probably yield some great XP/time without the intended effort.

No, you want that, but nobody actually needs that. The game works fine without such an option.

The thing is about achievements, not missions let’s start with that. You won’t want cancel it without achievement. Dusty Dark is giant mission, speedrun may take 15min but for me for example it usually takes 1 hour and a bit. And it’s a bless we can leave the place and get back to somewhere not too far away from we left. But achievements, achievements are different case. No one said it should be easy! No one said it should be fast! Yeah, most missions would allow to leave the place and this would reset your achievement so you don’t need even pause it. Dusty Dark is one of exceptions, mostly because it’s big. One and only mission being a reason to implement cancelling? I mean, OK, I was on your place, I rage quit it once in the middle, but it just showed me I need to be more accurate and more persistent.

I think it was once said that this was no thing due to it’s exploitable nature, since some missions have relative easy tiers you could than just chain to farm easy xp. Given how exploitable missions already are I can imagine people would find a way to get the DA AP/SP in minutes in the first week such a system would be adopted.

@AWOL Indeed, that you can’t Reset it if you got stuck on a lamp and triggered the “fell into pit” nonchivement…

Funny thing though After i got the Flawless Archaeology i went in the next get the Tomb RAIDing cleared to Finish my Museum and i when i finally Dealt with all the Scarabs it was also did it without, dying didn’t expect that. guess i was just tired of re-running this long mission over and over without an option to restart at the Entrance!..

My biggest issues with “Flawless Archaeology” was Bugs…
not Scarabs, the one pesticides can’t kill…

  • The achievement can fail while your still alive, if you don’t get launched over the first pit after activating the jump pad fast enough o.0

  • The Lamps doing the Jump Puzzle, i did mention if you got stuck on one and tried to move again you’d instantly die failing the achievement

  • The Mummy that walks around the pillar can end up not moving after the “jump scare” sound - not sure if it was still active, so i hugged the Left wall as hard to could to squeeze by…

Screenshot of the Frozen Mummy

Sadly only thing i was able to spend SP/AP on since Late October 2017 was Dark Agartha, when it became available
Sadly not the Auxiliary Weapons which I’m still waiting to get in Legends… -.-
(I had nearly 500 AP/SP from Events, Login bonus and Achievements. Ready for them, but instead spend that bank on Dark Agartha as it as the Entry fee…)

If there was a AP/SP Cost to reset a mission, that would negate such Exploit

I never managed to get Flawless Archaeology in TSW, I haven’t got it yet in SWL and I doubt that I will :slight_smile:

I didn’t encounter any bugs, I just derp :smiley:


I would agree if quests actually worked, I tried for 15 or 20 minutes to get the quest at the junkyard with the barrels to work, I got the first barrel but the game on the second it just would not continue. So yes I would like to throw away a quest it isn’t like I plan to go back any time soon.
Besides if the game gives out credit on the way fine just keep them marked as played I don’t mind I just want to not get pestered by the game when I am not even in the zone with the quest.
So to me, it is “we need” you can disagree of course that is always your opinion but I can disagree with you as well.

Cancel - abort thread.

To summerise:

  1. You can pause the mission - that is good enough.
  2. Most quests reward you with XP etc at each tier people would farm tier 1 of a quest over and over and yield AP/SP in an un-natural and un-intended way
  3. Keeping the quest marked as played up to tier 1 or 2 of a 5 tier quest is - pausing the quest…
  4. Pausing the quest removes it from your current mission tracker, but keeps it in your journal.
  5. Only you can reactivate the quest by returning to the quest giver and it does not keep reminding you to do it when it is paused
    (Unless it is a mission that is part of the story mission to continue through the story and zone)
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I have 2 missions bugged in events the Masked Girl and the radios mission,
the first i had to wait 1 year to finally be able to have 8 missions reports that mission was unpausable even after you take another investigation mission it autoreturn after you complete it, the second still bugged after Cristmas event never get the laundry guy sms over a year still bugged ><

the cancel button could be amazing to cancel event missions after the event end if they add new event missions