Cannibal Brute location on siptah?

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I’m hunting for cannibal Brute npcs. Where on siptah I can farm them?

Try calling in a surge

I Tried few surges. Zero results.

There are no Darfari in the surges, and the Yoggits have different warriors.

Then where on the map of Siptah I can locate and farm a cannibal brute ?

There is no such place, at least I don’t remember such a place.
Some named Darfari warriors appeared in the old purge. For example, in the west and north-west of the Siptah island. But there was no cannibal brut there.

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I did a T4 Surge of the south that included a fighter with a spear, who was dressed like and hit about as hard as a Cannibal Brute.

The top Yoggit warriors are now much weaker than the cannibal Brute and other named Darfari warriors.


Arku The Mad is the one. He was able to take chunks out of my character’s health, so he is probably a good thrall to have regardless.

Master Archer Thak is better now. It has a higher melee multiplier (2.06) compared to Arkhu (1.79), all other things being equal.
But in general, it makes no sense to carry out surges for new warriors now: the accursed Dalinsia and the berserker are the most powerful warriors on Siptah, and they are easier to obtain.
PS It turned out not (see below) :slightly_smiling_face:

You can get them in the new purge,i have one on siptah

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There’s some decent fighters in the Surges now, but the named Accursed are still at the top. My new favorite Surge fighters are as follows.

  • Cultist Veteran - 2.236 melee multiplier (levels at normal speed)
  • Treasure Seeker Blade Master - 2.236 melee multiplier (levels at normal speed)
  • Aesir Warrior - 2.08 melee multiplier (levels at normal speed)
  • Yoggite Veteran - 2.08 melee multiplier (levels at normal speed)

I looked at the statistics, and it turned out that they all have a high leveling speed.
And the accursed Cimmerians have a low one.
Therefore, the first two are indeed the best warriors on Siptah.

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Yep! Finally the Surge Fighters got some love!

Before the warriors were nerfed, my favorite on Siptah was Aesir Berserker. Once I had a squad of 10 Aesir Berserkers. But now he is a very average fighter. It’s a pity…

Isn’t Ansina in the purge pool? She’s pretty good for an alternative option. I haven’t done one on siptah yet, but could swear I saw her on the EL purge. I have her already when I brought her over during transfers, but I still haven’t leveled her.

Back in 2021 i went ham on knocking out and thralling Aesir Warriors, for some variety with named Accursed and Berserkers. Plus a bunch of each in vaults in case transfers ever return. Accursed are slightly stronger than Forgotten Tribe, given Siptah’s difficulty over EL. Also captured a Relic Seeker Blade Master, based on how hard he could hit.

canibal brutes are still top of the class?

Which threat lv of the new purge?

By el purge you mean the new purge?