Cannot build a gate

Good evening, you can’t build a gate and a drawbridge on the blocks.We had a gate there before, but I removed it thanks to the edits.

Thanks for feedback


It’s a bug from the latest update. It’s been reported several times on several platforms, and they marked some of the reports as “received”. When will it be fixed? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll take it seriously and we won’t have to wait a couple of months until the next patch.


I believe we’ll see a fix for this in the next patch. But a work around from what I’ve heard is it should work if the tops of the foundations are close to the ground.

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I’m not sure I would call this a workaround.

If your building incorporates foundations that are too high for this bug, you would have to rebuild everything until the foundations are low enough. For some builds, this isn’t even possible, because all foundations are interconnected and you had to build higher to accommodate for a slope in the terrain.

Oh, I certainly hope so. What I was saying is that maybe we’ll be lucky enough and they’ll treat this bug seriously enough to release a fix for it in a hotfix, rather than making us wait until the next “regularly scheduled” patch.

This one has likewise noticed this issue, especially in water or several foundations up from the ground.

While none can say when this big will be swatted, it possibly will get faster attention than the crappy situation with the latrines, as gates serve a more significant role in game than thrones.

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Question is - how did they manage to bug something completely irrelevant to the fixes they’ve done EVERY SINGLE TIME?

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I’m not sure whether the question is relevant to this topic, but the answer is simple: just because some of us don’t see the connection between where they introduced a bug and the work we see in the patch notes, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. If you had access to their codebase, you might be able to satisfy your curiosity, but none of us players have it.

We kind of do. I’m not quite the expert that Multigun is (and I’m not going to @ him since he’s likely busy with more important things), but this was changed:


You can see the asset changed list here: Mod Devkit Patch Notes

So if anyone is wondering how gates got broken here, its because they were tinkering with it. And I imagine they worked ‘fine’ in the testing environment. Unfortunately the 79 players who played the public beta client during that patch’s run on the beta client didn’t find this one in time for the patch release.


Fortunately, it’s been caught now, and you’ve even pointed out which asset changed. With all that info, shouldn’t be too hard for them to find the fix and push it out ASAP, right? :wink:

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Yes, sometimes when you’re tinkering with a toilet, you break the hinge mechanisms in your gates. It’s pretty logical. I’m surprised it took everyone this long to see the connection. :thinking:

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Maybe there is coming some new bazaar gates which need some change in the gate code and then something happens to the normal gate.

What part of that is a toilet?

In case you are unaware, Bazaar items cannot be referenced or accessed in the Devkit. The file I mentioned (in my quote a few lines up) was one altered in the devkit. If it is the offending file. Then it has nothing to do with the latrine items or anything in the bazaar.

Patches can contain edits to the game in multiple areas. In fact the one in question affected over 200 instances in the devkit alone.

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I was being facetious based upon previous questions of patching the toilet and stuff. Don’t mind me… :no_mouth:

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