Its offical a bug or game mechanic?

hey guys , on my server we have a disussion about a bugusing.
on the server bugusing is not allowed.
a clan call me "hey admin this clan use bugs to building foundations and gates !

now i have the problem to find a decision :confused:
here is a short video i rebuild the thing i mean.
this guys watch me how it works and i think hmm ok maybe its a bug maybe not.

anyone knows whats the offical desicion from funcom about this ?

pls watch and give me a feedback.

w w w. twitch. t v /videos/539744180

thank you all guys

Definitely not a bug. Funcom has already implemented changes that disallow overlapping structures and these clearly aren’t overlapping.

I don’t think anyone can guarantee that Funcom won’t decide to nerf this in the future, but right now it’s a legitimate building technique. :man_shrugging:

For what it’s worth, you’re still free to add a rule on your server that says it’s not allowed to build like that :wink:

thx for your answer

and this guys also set a foundation on top of the othera ground foundation i mean, this sounds like a bug.

I’m not sure if I understood correctly, but foundations can be stacked on top of each other and they also can be put on top of ceilings. Those are perfectly legitimate building techniques.

Also, here’s a nice thread on advanced building techniques:

And here I was, thinking it was excessive when I put three gates on one row of foundations (front, back and middle).

But yeah this doesn’t look like a bug. There was a problem a while back with people who managed to actually stack fence foundations inside the same (exact same) space - which was deemed a bug, and subsequently removed. This isn’t anything like that.

If you are running the server - you have the full control over it and have all the rights to enforce any rules you see fit. You don’t have to think about “is this a bug a not” - just ask you fellow players. If they don’t like something or something is ruining their enjoyment - just outlaw it and ban everyone breaking the rules.

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And this is of course true (which is what @CodeMage also was saying above). That’s one of the big advantages a private server has.

thanks guys for the help

You can also achieve a similar intent by placing a wooden fence, or spikes, basically any thin RP placeble, then place the building block in front and removing the placeble, basically you put a placeble in between so blocks don’t snap, it takes some practicing for building allignment but it’s wayyyyyy cheaper than the triangular wedge manouver.


If u need to build something, and delete it for something else to stay, maybe its not intended???

If u break the server performance by doing it, which u do.

They should limit those to only have stability when placed to a foundation block or a foundation spacing between them.

If you want more ways, play on private, unofficial with mods.

I would actually advocate the admin just decide. Rulings by committee can have undesirable side effects (hurt feelings, cliques, etc). If the admin makes the hard decisions (they usually do carry the entire cost so are entitled) they can make it based on what kind of person and gameplay they value on their server and it allows the players to just play cuz “dems the rules”.

Getting input from the players is nice, and I do it all the time, but in the end its my decision and as the admin, I have to deal with any fallout anyway. The fewest, simplest rules are always the best.

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I think you might have missed a detail in the video. What they’re removing are normal foundations, which they used only to get the alignment they wanted, but the gates are still placed on fence foundations. In other words, there is nothing in this video that’s staying stable without foundations. It’s just that fence foundations are thin, so they can be hard to distinguish if you’re not looking carefully.

Do you know this dont make issues for the server?

If it dont its fine.

Btw after the horrid purge stealth update, i made a base in jungle and made it purge proof.
It was fine client wise when i just used black ice blocks, then i decided to cover all in fence foundations and now it lags like a ■■■■. Over 500 fence foundations, but hey its 140k more hp.

From everything Funcom said on the matter back when they changed building rules a while back, it only caused issues is things were placed in the exact same spot. That is NOT the case here. Given that, I’d say the burden of proof is on those who claim it does cause issues.

Naturally, more building elements will be heavier on the server than fewer - and you’re placing more elements in the same amount of floor space here. So in that sense, it is most likely heavier on the server “per square meter” - but that also goes for decorations, placeables, thralls and everything else one can place.

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