Advanced Building Techniques

Hello everybody

I thought I’d share here with you some techniques how you can build “more special”. So you can spice up your buildings where not everything looks like 08/15. These tricks will work without mods, so it should be possible on all platforms.

Raise a foundation by a quarter

  1. Place the foundation for the lowest level you need/want.
  2. Build a wall on the side you want to raise the next foundation.
  3. Take the next foundation, so you can see the ghost model.
    3.1 It will snap to the previous foundation.
    3.2 Then simply drag the cursor up on the wall, the ghost model will follow, then place it as usual.
  4. This will result in a foundation raised by a quarter and perfectly aligned to the other Foundation

Laminate a foundation

By “laminating a foundation” I mean placing a ceiling element directly on a foundation so that it can be considered a floor.

  1. Place a foundation on the level you want/need.

  2. Take a fence foundation and pull it “one step” down (same like “rise a foundation”, just in the other direction)

  3. Place a new foundation on the fence foundation.

  4. Now you’re able to snap a ceiling piece on the first foundation. It looks like it lies on top of the lower foundation

  5. After this step, you can dismantle the first foundation, even the fence foundation. The ceiling piece will stay on top of the foundation below.

  6. You can easily upgrade the foundation without the ceiling element forfeit stability.

  7. Now you can place walls either on the foundation or on the ceiling piece.


Split a foundation

Foundations can be divided in half by pulling a fence foundation through them. After an update it is not so easy to do it but it is still possible, at least in singleplayer or on private servers. The following steps were done in singleplayer without mods.

  1. place a “staircase” on the foundation that you would like to share.

  2. place a column in the middle of the stairs.

  3. Now place a ceiling element on the column. The stairs can now be dismantled.

  4. Now places a wall piece on the ceiling element, but downwards.

  5. After the step above, you can place a fence foundation below the wall. This will “divide” the foundation.

  6. Now you can dismantle the wall, ceiling and pillar.

  7. Use this technique to pull further fence foundations as you like.

  8. The fence foundation will remain and you can use it to build walls on top of it.

  9. Finally you can build a shack that has more “structure” than flat walls, but less, as if you had to move in a whole foundation.
    9.1 To achieve a hut like the one in the picture below, you must first place the roofs and then the sloping walls.

Align Foundations from "Riders of Hyboria"
You can use the bright vertical column on the left as a guide for the orientation of the planks (circle and arrow). When this clearly visible column is on the left side, the planks are aligned forwards.


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Man you’re awesome! I known about the first technique but I’m so happy to discover the others! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Nice! I am ashamed that when i encountered these things i only saw them as bugs. I only used the slightly different height of the fence foundation to produce irregularities but did not see the potential.
Thanks for sharing!

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great thread! thanks

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I didn’t think these tips would go down so well! I appreciate that very much, thank you! :blush:


This here, this deserves thumbs up. Thank you.

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Thx. But I guess thats PC or? Because when I watched the stream about the new tree-house foundation, Jens was able to RAISE and LOWER the foundation on the spot…
Is there a button/way todo that on PC?

In my settings (I suppose this is default) you can raise and lower a single free foundation (not snapped to an other piece) by pressing ALT + Mousewheel UP/DOWN.

It’s shift + mousewheel by default

I often see people asking questions about controls on this forum, whether on PC or console. I do not understand, everyone has control setting menu, that’s the basis to consult and eventually define the controls when you start a game for the first time.

I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t understand. Everyone is waiting for everything to be served on a platter.

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Yeah and thats impossible at consoles :confused:

I can only raise or lower it, when I push it against a cliff/rock/whatever.

Looking here on “Adjust pitch” for consoles, it says R2/L2, but that is just rotating the pieces itself…
And adjust height (what would be SHIFT + mousewheel) isnt even a category for consoles… Damn it.

@Kearsan I didnt wanted to know the PC controls, as I play on console… It was just a reminder, that console players cannot do that (but I forgot to mention the console).

Funcom didn’t made a control settings menu on console? That’s a shame!

They did, but you cannot raise/lower it.

So what should I do there?!? Looking for a control which does not exist in the first place? We would need 1-2 extra keys (alt or shift) do be able to do the same thing…


WOOOOW!! You are the hero of my day. I have to crouch for that… :smiley: And its not even in the Wiki…

@Multigun can you add that for consoles?? That you have to crouch for lower/raising building pieces :slight_smile:
And I will give it a test in the evening, to see if it works… Because some PS4 players said, it didnt… But thats >1 year ago.


On PS4 to raise or lower a foundation you must select your foundation in the wheel, press Triangles button, use R2 / L2 to raise or lower it then press R1 button to set it.
Very useful since flat terrains is so rare in CE.

Edited because I’ve never written cross button, never !:grin:

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Cross button? I place with R1.

But yeah, CROUCHING (which triangle does) really lets you raise and lower it. Probably for Xbox too…

Tested it yesterday! Worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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