"Cannot build here Blocking spawn point"


Game mode:Private GPortal server
Problem: Building bug
Region: Oasis of Nekhet

Since the patch I cannot place rugs or beds in 90% of my house, haven’t tried other items yet. Everytime I try to place it I get a message “cannot build here blocking spawn point”

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. house already built
  2. try to place rug or bed
  3. “cannot build here blocking spawn point”


Place your bed … last.
Try that.


If I remember correctly, that is an error message regarding structural support. Whatever you are trying to build onto does not have enough support.


nothing to do with integrity, its not allowing me to place signs, rugs, beds, walls, etc says “blocking spawn point” So I removed all the beds however i’m still getting it, even getting it on builds where there are no beds.


Does your structure have multiple stories? I mentioned structural support because that is the exact error message you get when building bridges and ceilings that lack support pillars.


i have never gotten “cannot place here you are blocking spawn point” before this update. We have several types of builds and if i have a sign or rug equipped in my hot bar and not even attempting to place it that message appears whether its on a building or the ground.