Cannot climb after exiting the Midnight Grove

Online private

Private dedicated server, no mods. I did not test single player.

After exiting the Midnight Grove, I could not climb at all. Relogging did not fix the issue, but restarting the game did.

Similar to this reference concerning the Dregs: Climbing disabled (AGAIN)



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I spend most of my time on singleplayer and have not experienced this issue yet.

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heh, that one is not so hard anymore, by this time i found another climbing bug

– If player makes any ceiling like 50 cm from water surface and make on it any fence that gives damage, u will be not able to climb too, but funniest thing in this all, if u try to climb fence while in water, u will get damage and fall till sea bed and then be able to walk around under water :smiley: i will make screens later and add because there was some mini update that may fixed it :smiley:


cant walkt anymore so itshalf fixed but still push u deep to sea bed :smiley:

Edit under edit : all this stupid system need rework, just now died becauce somehow if u fall 5 cm from wall and grab it u slide all the way down and get 50% HP damage, but if u fall 20 meters and grab wall u get same damage but dont slide at all… i think the less is speed of falling and distace the more accurate should be grab, like 5 cm should be instant stop, not slide all way down…

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