CANNOT find star metal version of atlantean sword

So, I’ve owned the game since release and even bought the physical day one copy. And I also understand that with the updates, a lot of things have changed. But why can I only make an iron Atlantean sword and not starmetal? Isn’t there supposed to be a star metal one available to craft when you reach max level? If so I have a few concerns about my future on this game. Everything has been tolerable until this. I actually used that sword for role-play pvp on official servers. Please, someone explain to me how to fix this issue.

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I have the pre order bonus sword as well, I don’t recall there being a Starmetal vairant of it though. I know there are two versions that can be crafted and they both are no good. The sword is pretty much an ornament. Funcom should have made the royal armor & the sword both skins that could have been enabled on any armor and weapon in my opinion.

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I don’t have the sword, but I would guess you need the epic perk for that weapon eg if it’s a two hander you need the epic two hand perk, etc.

I’ll lure in my good friend @Barnes he has this sword maybe he can elaborate.

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You need to make it in the Campaign or Garrison Blacksmith Bensch. If you’ve respecced since building the respective bench, you might need to unlock the bench again. Make sure you have Star Metal Tools unlocked, and Two-Handed Epics.


I have made several star metal ones doing it in a garrison bench. Originally you could do it in your inventory like the iron version now with a better smith you can improve it.


u also need to have 2 handed epics unlock in order to craft the star metal version of the atlantean sword

edit: @Barnes got it covered! replied before reading whole thread! sry!!!


@sestus2009 fixed it a lot of times for me, so yes it exists but just follow @Barnes steps and you’ll have it m8 :+1:t6:.


I literally have everything unlocked. There’s not a single feat I don’t have. But the star metal version just isn’t showing up for me. Only the iron one.

I have every weapon feat available. But still, only the iron version is showing.

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I just started on a new Sipath server got Star metal today the sword is in my garrison bench weapons handle and star metal one and one on the server I am playing on slightly boosted but it is there didn’t see it on the previous bench

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There is a screen shot are you sure you are not playing a alternate character? It should be there my friend.

Just made 6 same stat as a star metal sword without a thrall 56 and 19. So it is there

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Your screen shot shows Aquilonian sword, not Atlantean sword.

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It’s PS4, Sony doesn’t make it very easy to screenshot, hence the actual snapshots of the screen. One slot over to the right.


I’m sorry you are right

Sent the wrong screen shot I apologize this should be the right one will check after it loads

Have problems with screen shot but believe me can be done in garrison bench will try and send better evidence tomorrow

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I’ll grab one tonight on PC. We’re preparing for war, and we’ve got olives for the peacemakers. I do apologize for not posting evidence earlier.

The other guys are right. Apparently it exists.


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