Cannot link my account to Steam

I have an original AoC account from 2008 that I’d like to link to my Steam. Apparently, you can link it by clicking the register button upon login screen?? Whenever I try to click on it, it seems blanked out for me… just a window pops up with a black screen.
I have a screenshot of it, however I cannot seem to post it.

My reasoning for wanting this, is that I’ve been trying to buy funcom points however paypal isn’t letting me, it seems to fail for no reason. Would it be possible to simply use steam wallet and pay that way?

As far as I know there is no way to link an existing Age of Conan account to steam… It’s only possible for Secret World Legends :confused:

I have mine linked to Steam. It’s been awhile since I did it but as I remember- this is what I did.

  1. Log into the game.
  2. Goto the item shop. (Apparently it’s broken for me atm)
  3. Select Buy Funcom points. You do not have to buy, it will or once did give you a link.
  4. After following the link, which was for Anarchy Online, but it worked for AoC. Register your account name.

Having wrote this, I did it a few years ago so I do not know if this works now, but worth a try.

Good luck

Sunstar are you sure? I see everywhere on the internet old promotions for linking funcom account to your steam.
Jarafin, thanks for your reply! I just did, I can only find a green ADD button with a yellow coin on it top left. Nothing happens when I click on it, I have this weird feeling that the game isn’t recognising my account or something? Its a bizzare issue I have :frowning:

I’m not 100% sure, my memory feels like it’s not possible but if Jarafin managed to do it then there must be a way!

Guess I should just give Paypal another try, I just don’t understand why Funcom rejects the payment and then it constantly fails. Also gives lots of errors when I add a new payment method. I’m all out of ideas…

The store has been not working for some, but I checked and the link it gives me is

I have not tried it, but I know my main is already linked.

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Mmh thats odd, the link you gave me, it has a much different layout then the one I am forwarded to. Why are there 2 different ones, kinda strange.
You say you know your main is linked, but how can one know wheter your account is actually linked to Steam? What to look out for?

Allright, so I don’t know why that link brings me to a different layout page, but there when I pay with paypal, it doesn’t even add the hassle, just immediately brings me to paypal page itself to make the payment, wich is good! Thank you for that link! :+1:

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Ok so I only now remembered I could do shift + tab for Steam overlay a couple of days ago. Now, it doesn’t seem to work, might be due to the many reinstalls I did. But it comes really in handy for me, if anyone knows I would greatly apreciate it.

Shift tab seems to work for me, in that I don’t know.

How I know my AoC is linked to Steam? I fund my Steam account with prepaid Steam cards bought at a store with cash- then I buy Funcom points from that money on my Steam account to use in the store in game.

And I checked, it is different now. Much different. When I sign in, It even tells me it is linked. I can go to Steam from this page! That is new.

I now assume, you would log in using your game Username, and game password- from there, I don’t know. Maybe there is an option to link. I would try that first.

The other choice “create new account” is unclear to me if it means a new game account or new funcom account.
Sorry if this is confusing, but I am a bit confused now myself.

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