FC points with Steam wallet and friend reffferal

so im looking for a way to buy FC points with my steam wallet balance
cant find it nowhere - so anyone know how do you make it possible?

also once ive seen guy with hastening ring (friend reffferal system) - stats medicore but 5% ooc speed on it sweet
i see on account page there option for it but cant find anywhere referral link for friend and such

help appreaciated

You’re unable to purchase Funcom points with steam wallet funds. Funcom and steam do not have that sort of agreement in place I guess. funcom probably doesn’t make enough money off this game to even catch steam’s attention. If I was going to wager I’d wager that funcom had to bribe steam to put age of conan on their platform :thinking:

All points must be purchased through your age of Conan account page


I think the rings with out of combat running speed were from the old shop.

acutally you are wrong sir

im pretty sure ive seen it somewhere on my own
and also when i asked on global in game guys there said you need to link somehow aoc account to steam

i think i may have problem with it because once saga was out i made another account and wanted fancy steam edition cloak on it and this way my steam account is linked to other account and not the one i would like to get FC points on by

i checked pretty much everywhere on old account management site - i didnt do only new payment option because one i have works and i dont want end up with broken payments as many of us experience since some time, and cant say if i would make new payment option if there would be steam for it since it isnt allowing me to do so at manage payments tab - there is just option to delete my current working one

tbh i already purchased some FC points by my working credt card option, but i got some steam balance not used and was curious if it works
^^ as global answered by many - it does but there is need for some huggle with it

it’s not possible to link your steam account to an already existing aoc account that wasn’t created with the steam client.

well one guy on global told me that he bought something on steam for AoC - i guess it comes with a code you need to input on the account site, and this way he linked it
expac bundle isnt viable for me since i already have all expacs and ultimate bundle for nearly 100 euro is just meh
so maybe someone knows how can you actually make it to work?

I buy Funcom points all the time using Steam wallet, last purchase was 6-18-2020.

This site is the only one that works for Steam Wallet

The other, does not for Steam Wallet, I have tried it.

My account is linked, when I first started buying Points years ago, I had to link my Steam Wallet to the Funcom account- i do not remember the steps now- I think you simply register your Age of Conan account on Funcom’s site, not through Steam- on the main Funcom site.
It looks the same as when I did it, but as mentioned its been a few years.

I can verify, it is possible to buy Funcom Points with a linked Steam Wallet. Maybe contact Steam or Funcom, as to how to do it, if you can’t register your AoC account at Funcom.

hey thx for answer

i knew its possible so thx for vouch

but still cant find way to do it, maybe ill contact CS and see if that helps