Steam wallet and funcom points


Hi there.

I opened a ticket asking if it was possible to buy funcom points using the steam wallet. The answer was yes, it was possible. But…

Every time I open the in-game store, I can’t use my steam wallet to buy funcom points (the only options are the usual credit card and paypal). So, how can I use the steam wallet if the game won’t give me the option?

Yes, my game is up to date. No, my firewall isn’t an impediment (if it was, i wodn’t be able to open the game). Yes, I have funds on the steam wallet. Yes, I have bought funcom points before. So, what’s the deal?


When I buy FC points using steam wallet it gives a link to the funcom site where I then log in my account there and buy points from my funds from steam, instead of using the in-game store. Once the points are in your account (it’s instant) then use the store. Hope that helps.


Hello Monjh. I’m afraid Jarafin’s correct, buying Funcom Points using Steam Wallet needs to be done on the website. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you continue having difficulty with that then please update your email ticket to include that information and we will troubleshoot with you further.


Hi there. I tried using the in-game store and the site store, neither gives me a link to steam wallet. Likewise, steam don’t offer me a link to funcom.

Can anyone help me on what to do for that to happen?


Here’s what works for me.

  1. Goto in game item shop, click “add F”
  2. A pop-up will say "log in to your account page at
  3. Copy that url and open a separate browser. Paste the url in the browser.
  4. It says “Anarchy Online” but it always worked for me for Age of Conan.
  5. Register or log in with your account name and password.
  6. Under Paid Services, click buy funcom points. You get a screen to chose how many, and follow the prompts. It should work. Good luck!


Unfortunatelly, that didn’t work - got same issue. Steam wallet is not an option for me in that.

Have some prints, but can’t upload them. Can email them to support, if needed.


We can’t assist you with billing issues over the forum. Please go to and submit an email support ticket and we’ll be happy to help you. Please feel free to give me your ticket reference ID and I’ll check on its status for you.


My ticket is the #1097231


Thank you. I can confirm your ticket is in the appropriate queue and you’ll be receiving more information as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


Thanks, Nossos. =)


It seems that I will not be able to use my steam wallet after all. I’ve created my account through funcom website (not steam), so can only use the site to buy points.

Although I’m not happy with the result, at least got my answer. Thanks for the help, Nossos and Jarafin.