Subscription from Steam

Many games have this option to buy a sub from the steam store, would be nice to have it here in AoC.


I second this. I would sub if available from steam

Same here. :+1:

lol i remember when steam came out, i was on a soapbox about how evil it was…seems so long ago

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Just to refresh the topic it would be nice to make subs available through Steam or purchase with Funcom points through Steam wallet. I know not everyone uses Steam but for those that do, it would be a great boon

I meant buy subs with funcom points as you can get points now through steam

I second this, it would also be awesome to have a chance to link aoc account to a steam account for those who registered out of steam

are the steam shop options region locked ? i can’t see it anywhere on my side.

Bumping this post as a reminder to please consider payment for subs with funcom points. I purchase steam cards and buy funcom points that way to avoid any hassles with credit cards or banks. I cannot sub though. And again, Saga Blood had a funcom point chest that included sub time, so it must be feasible. Thanks again😀

Yes, this needs to happen, tried to buy a sub and waited for days only to realize Funcom account still had a severely expired CC info on it while my past transactions like Funcom points go through Steam and Steam has my updated CC info, would be a good boost to convenience! :slight_smile:

Hi i just found this thread. I understand Steam account, wallet and friends are not at all linked to this game? Also no achievements or carddrops?

The game can be linked to Steam and you can use steam wallet to buy Funcom points, I have done it many times. The problem you may have read about is linking an old, non steam account to steam wallet. I have no advice for that, but I know if you download from steam first, it is easy to link that account, follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.

Thank you Jarafin. But friends ingame are not linked with Steam friends i think? Also no steam achievements/market items?

As far as I know, your steam friends cannot be linked to in game friends, only way is to link them while playing in game. Also, I don’t think there are any steam achievements available for Age of Conan, like in other games. Hope that helps