Cannot load dlc seed of evil in XBOX

I have downloaded the dlc, but the starting screen didnt load the content of the dlc.

Same here. Redownloaded several times. If you go to “manage app” tab, you can see the dlc is not even listed. It does not recognize that I own it.

Same it’s saying to buy it but then says it’s installed. All goes to buying it when the patch was not live. Now the 10 mb I saw yesterday is gone and it should be showing. I’m familiar with these sort of updates but it’s the first to do this and I’m talking 15 years of console use.

Cache purge does not help either

Yeah tried that too. Reinstalled on separate HD. Nothing… hopefully they respond or release a fix otherwise I’ll reluctantly get a refund. Bummer

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Hello @yungyung2008, this issue should’ve been addressed in a recent patch:

Please let us know if it still occurs, or if you come across any further issues, thanks!

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