Dlc seeds of evil issue

I have download mutant year zero one from xbox game pass, free to play game, I enjoyed it and thought I would buy the dlc seeds if evil, I have bought and installed it but i can’t seem to access/play it
I have tried new game and no seeds option is there
Do I have to buy the game first? As I dont really want to buy a completed game, the game is updatd

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Yeah, I and several other people are having the same issue (Got the game through Xbox Game Pass for the PC and bought the DLC yet can’t get it). The developers lack of response is very inconvenient because the days I have left on the Xbox Game Pass are running out, and I wanted to play it before my subscription expired.

I suspect that the issue is because the Xbox Game Pass version on PC is outdated (doesn’t include the Stalker Trials)

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Samme issue here so I jump in on this Thread aswell… seed Of evil still Doesent work on Xbox one… had original game in gamepass and still is Member but seed dlc wont work and i still get annoyed by the thread developers created when they claim all should work now and No update since 12h so lets hope they know that it is still broken


We just need more updates. The one thread was closed but it’s not resolved. The update came but Xbox now does not see our purchase of it. I saw the file yesterday but it’s gone and does not appear in the install now.

It’s not fixed for all. Likely is pass related …just guessing on that.

It’s bitdissapointing. This was one of my favourite games of last year, since it was free in Gamepass I wanted at least give them my money for DLC instead but got only slap in tha face and can’t enjoy it.


Can someone just give ous an update on the matter?

I’m getting a refund. This kind of negligence just shows that they don’t care about fixing anything, as long as they have our money.

Hello @Dormant_Demise and others, apologies for the delay in our response!

The issue is being looked into by the developers and a fix will be available as soon as possible, apologies for the inconvenience.

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