Xbox one dlc problem

I have download mutant year one from xbox game pass free to play, enjoyed it and completed it, I then paid for the seeds of evil expansion pack, but I’m unable to acess/play the expansion. Do I have to purchase the game first to play the dlc?
I dont really want to pay additional money for a game I have already completed. And yes I’m aware I’m playing a free game. I paid for a membership to do that

Hello! I have the exact same problem and i can’t seem to find an answer !
It doesn’t work, i tried everything and i don’t want to buy the game either

i actually own the game and i am having the same problem

Same issue here. Can Funcom at least answer ous!

Tengo el mismo problema lo compre ayer y sigo sin poder jugar la DLC

I’d expect a reply soon blaming Microsoft or anyone apart from Funcom