Unable to play the DLC (Bought separately) on Xbox Game Pass on the PC

I completed the game last week through the Xbox Game Pass (I didn’t purchase the base game individually but I have it downloaded) and I was very impressed with it. I have 2 days left on my subscription, so I figured I would buy the Seed of Evil expansion through the Microsoft PC store. It took my money and allowed the transaction to go through, but then the Microsoft store refuses to allow me to install the expansion, which is strange. It claims that there are no eligible devices to install onto. I’ve seen the issue before on the Xbox Gamepass where the solution was to just update the OS, so I updated Windows but that did not solve the issue.
This puts me in a bit of a bad position because I was planning on binging the Seed of Evil content (which I’ve already paid for) throughout the two days before my subscription ends, so I was hoping to get some support on this issue.

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