DLC Issue xbox one

Doesnt work whats he score

excellent work on he game though

Maybe this would help

I would think you would get this handled, Microsoft is a big enough company to fix this in a day. at least a daily update would be respectful to all of us that bought the DLC

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totally agree i purchased the game and then the dlc when it came out been 4 days now you would think they would have sorted it. makes you wonder though if you purchased the deluxe edition that includes seeds of evil ha sit got the same problem if not why not give people who actualy bought the game and the dlc the deluxe edition would be quicker.

Question. Is this a problem for all users or just using games pass. I’m games pass and no access to dlc which was bought last night with no warnings it might not work.

Regular user here, no games pass, same problem.

Same here. But I think no one seems to care… OK now its working, so I take back what I said.

Now it won’t load at all. It loads for half a second and crashes to xbox home screen. This combined with other crashes and reloads is making me think a request for refund would just be easier.

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