Cannot place thralls with the new Build Anywhere setting

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Any unofficial server with building allowed anywhere

Bug Description:

If “Allow Building Anywhere” is checked in server settings, players can build anywhere. This works as intended. However, trying to place thralls will still not be allowed, with the same error messages, “Invalid thrall location”, and “Thralls are not allowed here”. This makes for very lonely secret bases on singleplayer, or servers that allow them. This could be fixed either by allowing thralls with the existing build setting, or adding a separate setting in case the server owner wants to allow structures and not thralls, or vice versa.

Bug Reproduction:

Load a singleplayer game or unofficial server, become an admin, allow building anywhere, and try to place a thrall in an area you cannot normally build

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I have a 2 private ps4 servers but I have not tried those settings. I know some offline players may use them so will give a shout to my good friend @Croms_Faithful he has been huge on expanding the limits on offline can’t think of any other person with more experience. @HobbitOfNi

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Thanks @sestus2009. Greetings @HobbitOfNi and nice to meet you here on the forum. Both myself and a couple of other players aside from yourself have reported this issue to our Funcom community managers. Bot certain if these follower placement restrictions were intended or not at this point. But the other threads, like your own, have been tagged as ‘report received’, which may indicate that it has been noted and is being looked into. So for now we may just need to see how things pan out.

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