Cannot play online on steam all servers 9999 ping

All my servers are 9999 ping and I can’t play online. Only conan exiles is affected by this. I have uninstalled, checked files, deleted every mod, reset my internet, did some cmd stuff another post had, reinstalled battleeye, turned off and changed my fire wall, and a million other niche attempts.

My ticket was accepted and I have heard nothing for days, wether its normal to wait a week for a reply or not I’d prefer some actual human help and not a fake response from a bot. Pretty fed up after a week of trying to solve this and praying yesterdays patch would fix it, but no luck. Also I have checked the forums endlessly and every post of this issue is closed with no solution or randomly fixed by an update.

Any help is greatly appreciated. (Can’t upload pictures because im new despite having 1.4k hours in the game so all I can say is every server, offical, local, modded, etc are all 9999 ping and unjoinable.)

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