Unable to Play online. All servers, local or not, are 9999 ping. Please Help


I cannot get any help from funcom. Tickets ignored and 99% of the post on this forum go unanswered by them. Every single server is 9999 ping no matter if its in my country or across the world. Always 0/x players or ??? players. I know for a fact the game isnt even trying to ping the servers. All other steam games are fine. I have uninstalled, checked files, taken off fire walls, given permissions, checked battle eye, flushed dns, reset internet, everything. I am on steam. 100% of the servers are 9999 ping and 0 or ??? players. I have lowered steam ping to 250 and no help.

Would love any help. Have not been able to play the server I paid for for over a week and have recieved no aid from whatever support team supposedly excist for this game.

i have the same problem, almost all server show 9999 ping.

The only way to connect to the official server i play on is with direct connect.

ticket are not being answered.

If you need help with the ip let me know the server # and ill find the ip

Mine is literally all servers. I cannot play online at all. All servers are 9999 or ??? ping and I can’t join them. So no specific ip or anything. Its as if funcom cant like fathom my personal ip or location exist so it cant even get pings. They dont respond to anyone so I have no idea how to get that settled.

Do you have a specific server you play on ? otherwise find the server # number you want to play on and ill get u the ip so u atleast can play

With direct connect you dont have the 999 ping problem and will be able to join anyways

I have tried to direct connect to my personal server at Ive tried direct connecting to an offical ip. I cannot play online as funcom services are not accepting me as someone who exist for their servers to ping. Idk what the issue is or how to fix it because its exclusive to funcom or at least conan exiles. I havee 1.3k hours and never had this issue until I moved countries. I am in Japan but even local servers are 9999 unplayable. My friends from japan play conan just fine however.

ok, sorry cant help you then.

My only other offer is to try with vpn, that helped me some time ago

Well i didnt think a vpn would make sense considering my local japanese servers were 9999 but ill be damned. Bought nord just now and it worked

@ArtyomChyornyj you need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to all the mods you you might use on the server…fully quit Steam and try again

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