Cannot Rejoin Server After Leaving Palace of the Witch Queen

I was exploring the world when I came upon the Asian style city in the forest. I found the palace of the witch queen and entered. I almost immediately died from the giant statue that I encountered inside. I respawned at my nearby bedroll and went back into the palace to retrieve my items. I looted my body and turned around to exit. I left the building and the loading screen appeared to take me back outside. The game then crashed, saying I lost connection to the server. I tried reconnecting multiple times and each time, I got the same error message and the game crashed. My friend and I have done a lot of good work on this server so I hope we can get this fixed. As of now, I can’t join the server AT ALL.

Game mode: Multiplayer PvE
Problem: Crash/Bug
Crash dump link: (if applicable - fill out the crash report and enter your email to get the link)
Server Name: Official server #1732 PvE - g-portal. us

Repro steps:
1.Enter Palace of the Witch Queen and Die
2.Respawn and enter again
3.Retrieve items from body inside of palace
4.Attempt to leave palace without beating the enemy

EDIT: I have verified the integrity of the game cache and I still have the same issue.

Well at least your corpse was there, mine disappeared, lost all my gear. Game is wicked.