Can't climb anything

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**Region: 2
Xbox Series S.

Bug Description:

When climbing and reaching the top of something, character behaves randomly, sometimes jumps up into a repeating jumping loop, sometimes falls off, sometimes disappears and resets to climbing animation, sometimes climbs over the edge properly. But usually, something weird happens.

Expected Behavior:

I expect to be able to climb up something, reach the top, and step over smoothly to continue on my way.

Steps to Reproduce:

Climb something. Even just a sandstone foundation triggers this bug.

Dear funcom. This game is basically unplayable if you can’t climb anything safely.

Please fix it asap.


Possible solution/workaround (works on PC, but I can’t say for certain for XBox, because I don’t know what your controls are like) - if you can move the camera angle around fairly freely while climbing, try moving it to more of a top down view as you reach the very top of the climb. (I normally start by viewing from below/behind until I’m about level with the edge, and then roll the mouse forward to shift the viewpoint to more above). It seems the character jumps more forward from that view position - I’ve found it works very reliably for me, and I know of at least one other person who’s come up with the same solution. I hope it works for you :slight_smile:


Yes, another thread on this now older than 7 days was closed. The issue still persists unfortunately. They did move fast to fix the bug where I could loot chests without skeleton key though–priorities. :slight_smile:

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Yes it’s a little distressing that we’re what, more than 2 weeks on from that last big patch? And the game is still unplayable if you want to climb anything tall safely.

And the white background bug. Ych.


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