Climbing Problems

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance]
Region: [ The Unnamed City and maybe everywhere]

Hello, for a few weeks or months i have more trouble climbing thinks than i had before, at least thats my experience. and it is annoying me more and more. i cant climb over the edge of the wall/mountain, i loose grip and just fell and things like that. its especially hard to climb things in the unnamed city. see video with the link.
does everybody has problems with climbing and is that really more buggy than it used to be? is that a known bug?!Apurjvo49ZH_m1xxDZeMrOje9yIn?e=nbc2DE

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.climb things xD

yeah, hold the button down now. No more lazy climbing

I assume you are talking about a button on the Xbox controller, although I think this climbing problem is not just on Xbox, it is for all platforms. My understanding was in a recent patch (I think the last one), they “fixed” an exploit that had to do with climbing and went a little overboard. Now just crossing over any little deformity in a wall (not a base, but stuff in game) or a clif that has overlapping pieces can be enough to make the player fall. I’m constantly having to pick a different route up until I find one that doesn’t cause the player to fall.

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yes on the xbox controller, the A button.

it always takes a few minutes to get up to the skeleton boss in the unnamed city, but the problem is not only there…every mountain is hard to climb…

but the biggest problem is that i sometimes cant get on top of a wall/mountain (the last edge) like you can see in my video at 4:25 until end. even if i spamm the “a” button, press forwards…

The wiki now says to climb, you hold the A key for console, hold the space bar for PC.

I’ve never had to hold it, I’ll give that a try. Seems unlikely I’ve been doing it wrong all this time, but maybe :smile:

No you guys are right, it got worse with that patch. But just keep camera angle up or even and hold the button. It may have been a side effect of an attempt to fix the mesh or something, I just deal with it.

Hello @Rastigan, thank you for your submission!

There’s a known issue with climbing that has been introduced in one of the most recent patches, we’re already aware of this and its being looked into by the developers, apologies for the frustration.


If the listed controls seem incorrect or if you have additional ones/tips and tricks, let us know or try contributing:

I think just holding A is correct. Haven’t noticed any other “tips” except looking down seems to release regardless of A button

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