Can't connect to my official PvP server. CAN connect to other servers, and CAN play single player

I AFKd earlier while a bunch of materials were finishing up and came back to being disconnected. Now I can’t seem to connect to the server at all, either using the Steam View Servers option or using the game menus.

I CAN connect to other servers, and I CAN launch and play single player. Any suggestions?

I just finished my map room and am dying to place it :confused:

is it an offcial server? if it is, its either down or been reset it happens to me from time to time. i suggest you use this to report the server. Is your server unavailable? Use our new report tool!

It’s an official server, #1656. I’m looking at the server via the Steam View Server window, and it’s showing 21/40 players online.

Actually … weirdly it’s showing ME as being online. How in the world do I fix that? Server reset is at 1am and it forces everyone offline, so maybe it + the reinstall will fix it.

have you tried closing and opening the game?

Several times :slight_smile: I’ve rebooted my computer, run Windows and video card updates, made sure startup options didn’t have anything weird in them, and did my laundry. Only thing left to try is re-installing and waiting for server reset.

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