Can't connect to own private server for long, but friends can

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug / Performance / Misc
Server type:PVE
Region: Europe

I am trying to host a private server for me and some friends to play together. I have managed to get my server to display in the server listing but I can’t connect to it and when I do I get disconnected within 3 minutes. My friends are all fine and have a stable connection. I am also both hosting and playing from the same pc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @superfletch

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There’s an in-depth FAQ about hosting a dedicated server and its possible issues on the tool’s official thread. You can give it a read and see if any of the tips and tricks listed in it help you with this particular problem:

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Hi superfletch,

If you are hosting the server on the same machine as you are playing, make sure to use your private IP address to connect to the server. Most home router will block connection on the spot or after a short while if you are inside and are trying to connect to your outside address.

If you are running the Dedicated Server Launcher, use the same address as the MULTIHOME field.

Hope this helps.

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