Can't connect to server after patch this morning [FIXED]

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Connection]
Region: [US/West]

When I try to log into the server it starts loading and as soon as loading is complete I get the “Lost Connection with the server.” message and then booted to the main menu. For an instant after the message I can see my character and the world before the menu loads. I’ve restarted my PC, restarted Steam and verified local files. I’ve also connected to a different server and that one worked just fine. Is there a server admin that can check to see if my character is bugged or something? Thanks for your time. My character’s name is Dregorsai on Official server #1726 PvE g-portal .us.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I thought maybe the new AFK feature was bugged and it was kicking me as soon as I connected to when it was loading I just held down one of the movement keys to give instant input ASAP on load complete. This seemed to have worked. I’m logged in now.