Cant connect to server user ID invalid

Anyone else having this issue. Extremely frustrating only have a little time to play this game and its constantly crashing or having some kind of issue. Ive lost multiple characters over the last year spent time and money and the game just hasnt gotten better. I dont understand why the developers want to change the game constantly before they fix the issues the game already has. Anyway do better funcom. I love the game… when it works.


Tons of people are having this issue. Good job Funcom. Delivering the quality we’ve come to expect from you.


people getting Raided and can’t log in we need a hot fix asap!


Yeah, this seems to be affecting everyone who bought the battle pass regardless of platform. I can’t believe no one has said anything. Like hey, just say, “We’re aware of the issue and we’re working on it.”

Yep ID invalid or don’t have dlc

Depending on the server. The second one is if trying Siptah server the first on an exiles server

Single player on either map works fine.

And here I was ready to post how impressed I was with a flawless release …. Sigh

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