Can't connect to server

Cant connect to my friends server. Everything is matched up…i recheck them to be sure they match and my one friend can connect yet my friend the host and myself cant get in. It just keeps re-telling us the mods dont match yet all 3 of us are identical.

If you also have the Fashionist mod, double check that one. It had two updates in short time. We ended up having the server update from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3, and then some players update to 4.4.4 that was released in that time causing a mismatch to those players while we all thought we updated the same version.

You could try asking your friend to send you a game invite. It might not work and i am not sure of the method on every platform, but it is worth a try.

well we already have an invite. We was playing on the server but after the patch now nothing seems to let us in save our other friend getting in.

@KiahonfireOfficial just put a video up about this, you and the server admin may want to check it out. It has a work around but this most recent patch on PC seems to have borked things for a few people.

The PC board is full of reports to this effect.

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