Can't ever hear in-game voice

I need advice with something. I’ve almost 5k hours in Conan exiles and I’ve never ever heard a single voice line in-game. I don’t have a mic myself but I’d like to know what other people say. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my game and why I can’t ever hear anyone. Watch this, you’ll see what I mean:

You can clearly see that there is the voice indicator above the guy’s head. Yet I can’t hear any. The setting shows that voice is enabled.

Any thoughts how to fix this?


Bump. The problem is still there

Muted audio output channel?

That’s all I can think off, normally it would use the default output though.

How, where do I find that? in-game?

Are you on PC? On PC if you have Windows configured to output surround sound but do not actually have a center speaker plugged in then you will not hear dialog, but you’ll hear pretty much all the rest of the game’s sound.

Laptop, Win10. is there any way to fix this without any speakers? There is no point for me to even have them, I only use headphones

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