Cant find my way into the next zone after killing lux


I’m on my first play through. I killed lux having opened his sanctum (and getting lights out) at the temple of light but I cant find my way through to the next zone. I can see is on the map, south. but its not opened up for fast travel and I cant find the way to get there - Im looking for a ??? gate to walk through.

I’ve released Hammon and I am supposed to go to the forbidden city.
Am I simply missing something on the map? Or is there a precondition to the gate showing up?
I think Ive cleared all the other areas and done everything else.

Thanks for any help or pointers.

To the far right side of the map from where you first talk to Lux you should see a stairs overgrown with vines, that should be your exit.

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Thanks for the response.

As I couldn’t progress for a while, I decided to start my second run, on ironman. Having gone through the early game for the second time I just saw a tip (which I overlooked first time due to so much information, I guess). The tip was ‘zone overview’ which is hold left trigger on controller. That shows up the exits, and so right away I went back to my original game and found the exit.
Even with the zone overview, and your directions, its a wierd one, didnt look like an exit and didnt have the green ??? symbol until I was stood right on it and saw ‘A to travel.’

Yeah I had that issue my first time I saw it too, in comparison to every other exit/entrance in the game it just looks like scenery.

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