Can't find the BuildingPickupEnabled= line in the server settings

I’ve gone through the server settings several times and the command line doesn’t exist. I’ve got a couple mods enabling pickup already and it is causing server crashes when some things get picked up. What do I do?

Which mods do you have? One of those mods may be causing the issue. I know IQoL is in the process of being fixed for their fatal error bug.

I’ve got Pickup+, Emberlight, and Better Thralls that all have pickup functions. That’s why we’re looking at turning off the base game pickup until those mods update for it.

Based on other advice I’ve seen - Pickup+ might be a good candidate for temporary removal - apparently it’s likely to be a particular problem mod with this update (which makes a certain sense :slight_smile: ). I find it hard to imagine that Better Thralls pickup element is likely to be causing a problem (though I could be wrong) - because it’s entirely focused on thralls, while the new build system doesn’t involve thralls. I don’t remember the pickup element in Emberlight (been a while since I last used it), but given that’s a mod you’d probably rather not disable even temporarily, I’d say it’s probably better to leave it. But removing Pickup+ shouldn’t damage anything (unless it does a lot more than I’m aware of), so I’d say it’s a relatively safe candidate. (Though I would always recommend making a backup of your database first, just to be double-safe.)

I always make a backup when I do anything with the server host, so that’s a given :slight_smile: As for Pickup+ It doesn’t have any features other than picking up items, so I have temporarily removed it from the roster. Although the mods discord says they should have an update within 24 hours of this post, so fingers crossed. Thanks all for the input.

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