Cant get apprentice craftsman in conan exhiles on ps4!? HELP

i bought/downloaded Conan exhiles on Ps4. Nice game but i need apprentice craftsman!! but its not there. i forced a bed, stonepick, clothing, i got some suplies as stone, wood, sticks etc. and i leveled a couple times now. but it seems not to be working! Help plsssss. why cant i find/use apprentice craftsman.
the screen on ps4 is different then on pc. when i go to inventory i press R2 to go to attributes, feats, stats, journey, clan and map. when i go to feats(spend knowledge points to learn recipes) i cant find the apprentices craftsman.
Could someone tell me what to do?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. There’s no feat called “Apprentice Craftsman”, unless it’s different on PS4 than it is on PC.

yes its different. got some feedback from other players.
thanks anyways!:smiley:D

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