Cant go to the northern, cursed wall

I tried to go to the northern bio with the snow but the cursed wall blocks my way. How am I supposed to get normal ice and black ice now?
How do get trough the wall?

Dont touch the wall!

You probably are going the wrong way. Look up this map:


There are a couple of ways to go north, some easier, some climbing.
I take one easy road: take north west exit of The Den, you’ll meet some “door” on a black structure, walk uphill, there you are :+1:t3:

You can also walk around the western edge of the mountains in A10 and proceed north from there. Once you have the obelisks in B11 and D/E13, it will become much easier to make return visits.

there is also the northern passage that leads from the jungle to the northern biome, its nw of the northern jungle obelisk

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There’s also the Shattered Basin (in G8), where there is a short cave that leads through the mountain barrier

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