Cant import character after server transfer. Error:tokenFailed xbox PVE

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Americas
Hardware: Xbox Series S
Character name: Scarlet Opel

Character will not import after upload. WonderWoman When I try and import I see the character name appear as “,LV 0” and then says “Error processing transfer on Client during import: TokenFailed

I’ve tried importing every day for a few days with the same error. i have 4 names fighter thralls and 4 helm and chest pieces of the wolf on their i really don’t want to lvl anther character up and get all the achievements again that i have gotten so far

Hi @LunaDragon

Please send us your information so we can check the missing character.

  1. Xbox Live ID
  2. Origin server (where you were transferring from)
  3. Transfer server (where you were transferring to)
  4. Character name

Feel free to send this information in a DM if you prefer.

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