Can't join my own server I host from differant pc

I looked this up I ran the conan server on my second pc. I saw a thread saying i need to change the ports but doing that made my port check go from green to red and when I get on my computer I find my server but when I try to join I get no error only I have infinate loading then it says can’t connect to servewr? I spent 2 hours trying to make sure my port forwarding and all exes are in my inbound and oputbound set right. .I get it my other pc has same IP perhaps that is why ?

changing my port did not help I don’t reun multiple servers but even trying that failed . Perhaps I am doing something wrong but I swear I ffollowed the guid to the T.

-verify your port forwarding on your router/switch. (Port forwarding only really matters for other people outside of your network to connect, if you are on the same network, LAN, and don’t care about having other people joining, you can forget about this part)
-be sure your two PCs can see each other on the network (open CMD and ping each other by private IP)
-confirm your server is successfully running
-launch Conan Exiles and direct connect using the private IP (internal IP) of your machine running the server

I had the same issue and it was solved by using the direct connect button and using the internal IP (192.168.x.x) and password.

As the list connection is made by tunnel, you cant connect to a server in a list if it is not accessible via Internet. If it is using your LAN address you need to use direct connect.
If you use something like a VPN (I used to use Open VPN), you can set up a way in which not only you can use the list, but someone elsewhere can connect to your local server. But it requires some tech savviness for it.

ahh so I add port at end of IP? Really supper sorry for my ignorance. I mean I know before steam implimented their silly dll file thing I could host my server on my same pc. But now I have the chance to use a second pc this all feels really new.

I never used a vpn to be honest I like to consider myself pretty decant with a pc as I built my own but of course there is always room to learn more.

I just get confused on software a bit. I will give that a try the direct connection

So do I use my IP address? the long one?

You need to connect to a server on your own LAN using the direct connect option and the servers private IP. You will see this IP listed on the dedicated server launcher where it shows which network card is being used. You do not need to add the port to the end of the private IP to connect.

I’m assuming your private IP is going to look something like 192.168.0.x

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I have all the exes in inbound and outboud and everything in firewall. all 4 lights accept recon lit green I still can not connect on my other pc. . I get connection timed out could not find server. I see it in the list and the worse and more dumbest thing is conan says my server ping is 9999 . how that is with a gb down and 40 up and intel processor of 4.5 ghz and 16 gbs of memory and my gpu on that machine is 2070. it’s friggin silly

Sorry man, I don’t get paid enough for this. Good luck!

I understand Rigultru thanks so much for trying to help. it seems I am a lost cause lols

When it is local, ping 9999 in the list is not a problem. If direct connect works, the server is ok. What prevents from connecting using the list is not the server, it is the routing.

hmm I tried everything.

I set my inbound added conansandbox,steamcmd, and the launcher to inbound and outbound and made sure all was in my allow apps in firewall.
I added the ports to my port forwarding

I feel like I missed something idk.

my port forward . I just kind of gave it up . I been so tired of trying to figure out what I could be doing wrong … lol

I do have to put it pout there my other pc is a laptop which had a 4.3 to 5.0 ghz processor that could be it even though it doesn’t seem to break a sweat

I’ll give it another shot, how are you trying to join your own server? Are you clicking on the server that is listed in the server browser, or are you using the direct connect option?

If you are using the direct connect, as you should be, what IP are you entering?

Can you ping your server machine from your client machine? Open command prompt from the machine you want to play from and type:

ping “enter your server private ip here without the quotes”

If you get a response, use that same private ip to direct connect from the in game server menu.

I copied and pasted the IP from the Launcher then clicked direct connect Before coming here I clicked on it in the list. However I used direct connect

Not sure if this helps.Also does it matter where the launcher is saved? I seem to have windows telling me I can;t save a file in my own dang hard drive saying I don’t have admin rights even though I am admin rofl . So I removed it from my programs(86) and put it in same catagory as the program files

Can you type ipconfig into your command prompt and use the IPv4 listed there to direct connect?

I gave that a try. Did not work. I deleted all my inbounds and outbound made multiple ones in both under any then UDP and TCP . made sure all was added to my allowed apps as well…

I double checked my port forwarding I have all in udpo but then thought maybe I should put the 27015 as udp/TCP but nothing?. I honestly Thank you and other for trying to help me. I don’t think at this point this can be resolved.

Everyone here who responded is amazing. Thank you Rigultrufor being patient and giving it another shot.I am sorry for any frusterations over my issue I caused.

If you join the Admins United: Conan discord it might be easier to help. Might just need to start from the beginning.

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Could be Thank you so much