Can't launch the game because of Ram usage

I downloaded Conan Exiles 3 Days ago and wanted to launch the game. But when i start the game in the launcher it is loading nearly 5 minutes and then crashes. I think it is because of a very high ram usage. The ram usage is mostly on 99% and uses around 11’000 ram. Is it normal that it uses so much ram and if not how can i fix that. Normaly i have a ram usage of 25%.
My PC-System:
Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU
16 GB Ram
Intel SSD
Nividia GeForce RTX 2070

Games like GTA , Warzone and Ark i can run normaly.

Thank you for your help.

Try lowering your graphics settings. I also have 16GB of memory, although the video card is more powerful. At ‘high’ graphics settings, the game takes up 8 GB, and overall memory consumption does not rise above 75%. On another laptop, weaker, with ‘low’ graphics, the game took up 4.5 GB of memory, and it was possible to play with a total of 8 GB.

i has 16gb ram too the game takes a lot of memory, so i started to use a program called mem reduct, he clears the trash in ram i use it often while playing CE, sometime the program cam recycle 3-5 GB ram. Since they removed the ToggleDebugHub i cant see the memory usage while playing then i set the mem reduct to wipe the unused trash in ram when it reachs 95%. Hope it helps

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Thank you. How can i change the graphic settings without opening the game?

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If the problem is in memory, then even before loading the game itself, the initial settings window should open, where from the list on the left you can select the type of game, downloadable mods, and there are also settings there.

I have to do this too. Only I use Wise Memory Optimiser, and also cleaned the startup.
But in an amicable way, we just need to spend 150 bucks on additional memory. :sunglasses:

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sometime ago when it was possible to track memory usage in game, i suspected that it was with a memory leak, i dont know exactly if it was the CE client or the steam client because people was reporting memory leak on it to. But i noticed that the memory usage increases proportionally to the playtime, starting in 5~6gb and after some hours of gameplay reaching near 16gb, i never asked to someone with 32gb if the game goes near to max too after hours of gameplay.

I had a laptop with 20 GB for a while, so no matter how much I played, the game never took up more than 10-11 GB (this is on low graphics settings).

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Are you loading mods as well?

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