Memory use high, but that's not the problem

Hi, weird titel i know, my system has 32GB ram, but the game gets weird when my system has 13GB in use, now i’m not sure if its windows 10 that craps out at that point, this game or maybe a limitation the UE has.
i find it lame that my game starts to crap it self and drop my frames to unplayable (when i have steady fps before i hit high ram use) state when my system has 19GB ram left to use.
anyways, anyone here with the skills to solve my problem, before you link the usually “fix’es” yes windows see all my ram, yes the bios settings are checked and correct.

Spec: Cpu i7 6850k 3.8Ghz, 32GB vengence 3Ghz, GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX, EVO 960 1T SSD, Windows 10 pro (full updated as checked 10mins ago from typing this)

if you need more info, please ask. thank you.

Donnoh if this helps, but if i use any of the native windows 10 apps (photo viewer, App Store…) CE craps out.
Then again, I have 8 Gigabytes RAM. Donnoh if that’s a factor.

wat do you mean, use? when i play i don’t do other stuff, so i don’t completely understand

Ah then disregard.

I have dual monitors, and I like researching games as I play. (Game on main screen, Wiki or youtube on the other)

its really weird, i can play just fine with high frame rate, but the second the system use 13GB of ram all goes to poop, its like something says NOP no more, but wat i don’t know, game, windows?! …

I actually heard that too much RAM isn’t good either, cuz more than 16 gigabytes of RAM can cause stability issues. Something about optimal use and sync.

Thanks for share this post really informational.

With regards to RAM, you want stuff that matches up mostly for dual channel or quad channel purposes. Technically speaking, you can have as many GB’s in the right speed range as your motherboard can support, but they won’t run nearly as good compared to if you have dual or quad channeled RAM.

Also, I have 32 GB’s of RAM on Windows 10, with an aging processor (i7 5820k), and a very aging GPU (980 GTX). And I have horrible stuttering/hitching. It’s borderline unplayable because of how annoying it is for me. But I also know my SSD is in major need of a reformat, and my hardware is aging. I am going to do a full PC upgrade this winter once the new NVIDIA cards come out. If a bran new system with the latest and greatest doesn’t cut it, then I might start to get a little bit more annoyed at that point.


I have the same card as you, different cpu. I see this card and FX-8350 cpu pop up rather often, with the word “stutter” attached to them. Other open world games run well for me, even 2018 releases, you should guess which one, a bit of a controversial cultist game. It’s just this game, this game just won’t work, no matter the settings. It’s not just the stutter, what’s weird is that I keep seeing posts on how the game worked then on one update it stopped working. Maybe they did a graphics overhaul?

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Never heard this before. I’ve ran more than that without issues, buddies of mine even have upwards of 64GB for Ramdisk usage with no issue.

I see o_o
Then I stand corrected. I was just “advised” by some salesman that RAM needs to have the same amount of RAM on each slot, and that too much ram can be detrimental.

Ah well. Can’t ever go wrong following the golden rule of “Everything in moderation” if unsure.

yes i do have 4 sticks of ram, but i bought them in a 4 Quad channel pack, so i would be surprised if they would not match, if they came dat way from corsair :smiley: and might be OS, yea possible i don’t know that’s why i posted this, someone must have the magic bullet fix yes :smiley: please lol

PS: found some tweaks online, and they improved the smoothness somewhat, BUT the moment i hit the “magic” 13GB use all goes to poop like usually, this must be an OS problem right?


it might be a coincidence, I suggest you to install and run HWinfo 64. It might help you find the problem.

My idea beyond that is you use “ultra” textures and that it fills out the whole video card memory, corresponding to 13GB normal memory usage by the whole system.

If it’s something else, this monitor is quite powerful (free, no f…ing ads nor registration nor nothing) and could show you if the system has strange behaviours with memories.


Hmmm your system when playing Conan is using 13gigs of memory? That’s odd…correct me if I’m wrong but that’s a shyt load of memory usage for gaming…I’m at 4k max settings and I don’t come close to that…Conan uses alot of my video card memory like its supposed to…definitely a system issue and or a clash with Conan…have you tried a different game since Conan? Does The memory useage rise during that game? Tried lowering the settings? All drivers and windows updated? Update directx? Is your pc clean,like blown out for dust? Maybe check the memory sticks,do a trial and error for each one or two at a time to see if you have a bad stick. Hope I can help :grinning:

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my system is very clean, i monthly de-dust all the fans, case, very small amount actually gets in the case it has filters, and is water cooled so basicly no big heatsinks and fans inside the case. i have a gtx1080 8GB strix ROG all drivers are up-to-date. i assume windows 10 pro will keep DX12 up-to-date right? all windows update go automatic. lowering settings ingame does not seem to keep my total mem use to 13GB, it does fill up slower thought, but i teleport around the map if i keep at my base then the mem use is indeed low ± 6GB, the moment i start to teleport around it goes up.
as for memory stick test, i ran a memtest, it did not gave any error, then again if i had a bad stick i assume here again as Quad mem sticks if one fails the entire system won’t boot right because i get a Quad mem error if only 3 or 2 worked, all momitor software also detects all 32 GB.

Sounds like a nice system! Hmm yea you would think windows 10 would keep it up to date, but not when you do it it should reload it and fix any errors…looks like you got alot covered which is great.If the memory test passed that should be good.Windows automatic update works good but I find myself checking anyways and still get updates that way. …It sucks having a pc problem cause it really could be the dumbest thing and could turn out being like finding a needle in a haystack.

I did a Google search for…windows 10 using a lot of memory during gaming…a lot came up,I would try that if you didn’t already.

yes did a couple, there is one that does windows reg-edit edits… needless to say i don’t want to do that. so i kinda gave up on that front.
i even did the “blackviper” windows tweaks, they gave me a few more fps in games for sure BUT once i hit 13GB use in conan, it was 12GB use in ark when i get problems, conan and ark are made on UE, i really start to think its a UE problem. i keep looking on google and all the none re-edits i will try, really don’t want to mess with regedit unless i get a detailed explanation what all the “edits” do.

Yea cant blame you for that.most likely is a UE issue…which sux cause from what I read the UE developers don’t update much…sad to say

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