Can't log in any server. Authentication Failed error


I was disconnected to the game and since then I can’t log in the game anymore. I keep getting a Authentication Failed message.

I already checked my firewall, tried to reinstall battleeye as an administrator and even reinstalled the whole game, but still can’t log in the server

I can launch the game and in the main menu it says I am signed in as zebode#87336, but I can not get online in the serve I play

I am not expert about these kind of topics but could you check if is there any file remain in AppData folder. Maybe if you delete that it will solve your problem.

Hello, I have the same problem!
reinstalled the game, uninstalled and reinstalled Battleye, turned off the firewall.
as soon as I turn on it marks me as logged in with the name but as soon as I try to enter a server it throws me out giving me the identification error

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