Cant log in.. Whats going on ? anyone know whats up?

I have been getting Login errors all weekend.
Unable to login, plaese restart or try again later.
It only lets me go into single player mode.

Nope, never heard of this before. Never happened to anyone else, there’s definitely not 30 other threads about it or anything like that.

They are investigating it, the problem is there since yesterday.

I DIDN’T ask if it was happening to anyone els.

I KNOW its happening to others … IM ASKING … WHY???
and if ANYONE knows what is going on with the servers.

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THANK you :slight_smile:

I THINK your CAPS LOCK key is BROKEN, might want to get that FIXED

I have been able to login this morning, no way to get in after lunch.
Conan does not like an epicurean lifestyle - like having lunch at lunchtime…

Can’t connect as well

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