Can't loot dead NPC in shallow water

Testlive dedicated server, but I believe it happens on live servers too.

If I kill an NPC and it dies in very shallow water, I can’t access it’s inventory. I can harvest, but I think we should be able to loot in shallow water.

Heya, thanks for the report. I’ve notified the team and see if that’s something we can get changed. :slight_smile:


I assume that this bug also applies to not being able to interact with placed pets/thralls that go too far under water? Currently, you can’t move them if they are underwater. You have no way of moving them if they decide not to come out to defend you.

I think whole water needs overhaul, learn thralls and some animals how to swim, add There more life etc.,

they said they now focusing on polishing game so some water overhaul be nice, cus water have several problems,

wonder if they add fishing as at many other games xD

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