Can't mine rocks or trees

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Hey there! So I’ve been getting a bug where I can’t mine or harvest anything. It fixes if I leave the area, but it does happen again in the same playthrough.

It’s not super bad but j figured I’d report it. I love the greatsword changes!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have had this problem as well, more notice able after the patch.

My clan mate couldn’t harvest the nodes either. It was kinda strange

Have also noticed some of the special chests aren’t always re-spawning. the golden Door one by the Den never re spawned yesterday, for 5 hours i ran through there about every 30 minutes while doing some odds and ends hunting thralls. Only 4 or 5 people on. Would have figured eventually even if being farmed by someone else, i would see them. nope. Happens with the FoP chests as well. Never re spawned, no matter when i was going thru the UC.

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I’ve encountered this in offline, Usually waiting for the game to catch up is enough to make it work.

Online, sometimes i’m sure its abit of server issue. I found waiting abit or just going to new spot will sort itself out. (sometimes… online seem be more picky about it)


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